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Log in to your AOL account using your Login ID and password

AOL     AOL.
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Current Wait: 23 mins (26m avg) Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm ESTPREFERENCE: Get targeted help: Tell us the issue so we get you to right rep, offer relevant tips, reminders & follow-up.
AOL Login Issues.
Contact List Issues.
Attachment Issues.
Send and Receive Issues.
Recover AOL Account.
AOL Error Codes.
If you are experiencing distressed with the technical issues, no need to worry, we have been collaborating with a company that can connect you with a professional now for a reasonable rate.
Click here for tech expert assistance.
Request Instant Help   AOL is an email service provider company based in the United States of America.
AOL mail has been in the market for many years and remains one of the most used mail services by millions of users from all across the world.
It is popularly recognized for several significant features including:Unlimited mail storage.
Users can create folders to store personal and business emails.
Block particular email addresses to minimize spamming.
It does not require any special plug-in or driver downloading for accessing third-party applications.
Easy deactivation of inactive accounts.
While it gives easy-to-use features, there are stillspecific issues with AOL accounts that need assistance like AOL sign in help, password recovery help, troubleshooting assistance, etcFrequently Asked Queries By AOL Users Most of the problems in AOL arise due to browser compatibility, internet configuration, or passwords issues.
You can encounter some new and unrecognizable errors as well, like a blank screen, broken fonts, or image not loading in the email.
But these are very general problems that users view in AOL or any other email providing services.
Below, we will present a guide focusing on several types of issues in AOL that users have to face, and they generally query for.
How to Change AOL Password From a Mobile Device You can change the password through a web browser on your desktop by following the steps mentioned below.

Log in to your AOL account by visiting

Click on the email settings icon.
Click, Change My Password option.
Enter your current password and generate a new password.
Click Save Password option.

To change the AOL password from iPhone

firstly, you need to change the password from the web browser.
Next, follow these steps:Open Settings in your iPhone device.
Click the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.
Select the option AOL in mails.
Open your AOL mail account.
Click on the ‘Password’ tab.
Now type a new password.
You can proceed to accomplish the process by clicking ‘Done.’.

AOL Password Recovery You can access your AOL services through your password

Hence, it is necessary to safeguard your password.

If you compromise or forgot the AOL password

you can recover the password with some simple steps. Note:We highly recommended to change your password regularly for security reasons.
How to Perform AOL Password Recovery You have multiple options to get back to your account.
Your email address.
Mobile number.
AOL password recovery through mobile number.
Account recovery email address.
Follow these steps to recover AOL password:Visit
Click, “Forgot Username?”.
Enter any of the mentioned account recovery options.
Tap the option, Continue.
Follow the given instructions to enter the new password and complete the recovery process.

AOL Password Recovery Via SMS  To recover your password via SMS

enter the mobile number as the account recovery option.
You will receive an SMS with the link to reset your password along with the instructions.
Click on that link and follow the given directions.

How to Block Someone on AOL AOL provides this feature to minimize spamming

If you want to filter email addresses for spam emails or block someone on AOL, follow these steps.
Log in to your AOL account using your Login ID and password.

Click on the Settings icon on the top menu mar of your AOL account screen

Open the option Spam Controls.
Open Edit Spam Controls and select the Custom option.
Select the option “Block mail from addresses I specify” and enter the email address you want to block at the given text field.
Click Save to implement the modifications.

Why My AOL Is Not Receiving Emails

There can bevarious reasons due to which your AOL account may not receive emails, which you can troubleshoot accordingly.
You have some filters in your account settings, which is prohibiting emails from receiving.
Check your server settings as well.
Faulty internet connection.
Server session timeout.
Account inactivity may cause the deactivation of your account.
Someone hacked your account.
Is My AOL Account Hacked.
An email account is an essential place for communication and to store data files.
Therefore, securing your email account is necessary.
If your AOL account shows any suspicious activities, you need to take immediate action to rectify the situation.
First, understand the signs to recognize a hacked account.
Your contacts receive spam emails from your AOL account.
Your account is receiving too many spam emails in your inbox.
Cannot access your account even with the correct login address.
Modification in the settings or information such as display name, email signature, or filters without your permission, in your account.
Your account for AOL is not receiving emails.
If you experience unusual logins in your account from locations, you do not recognize.
If you view contacts, you do not recognize them.
You need to take the following actions immediately to secure your account if you find any of these suspicious actions into your account.
Change your AOL account password as soon as possible.
Restore your changed account settings.
Inform your contacts about it, so that they can take actions into their accounts.
Keep your antivirus software updated.
Update your account recovery options.
Enable two-step authentication for improving account security.

Other Issues Faced By AOL Users Apart from these problems

you may encounter issues such as,AOL is not loading emails in the required time.
Receiving emails in the primary folder of the AOL email service.
Not displaying the image file correctly on the screen.
Broken or unrecognisable fonts.

AOL Not Working  Issues with your browser can also stop AOL email services

You can fix this error from these steps.
Check the internet connectivity of your system to log in to your AOL account from your browser.
Keep your operating system and browser updated.
Close the browser and restart the system.
Clear the cache memory, cookies, and junk files of your browser.
Enable pop-ups, notifications, and locations of your browser.
Now restart your system and try to login again.
If the problem remains, uninstall/ reinstall the web browser.
Use another web browser.
AOL Not Loading You can recognize that your server is not loading AOL properly if your system fails to receive new emails or cannot load AOL email completely.
By following these methods, you can fix this problem.
First of all, make sure that your internet connectivity is stable.
Check your email filter settings, if it is prohibiting the AOL from loading.
Reset your web browser settings in your system.
Delete junk files of your browser.
Check if you are receiving emails in the spam or other folder.
Disable the firewall and try loading again.
Make sure to enable the firewall afterward.
To stop your emails from transferring into your spam folder, you can mark your messages ‘not spam’ through these steps.
Firstly, sign in to your AOL account with your email address and password.

Open the Spam folder of your AOL account

Check right the non-spam emails to select them.
Now select the Not Spam option from the top.

AOL Not Responding Sometimes while refreshing the email lists

you may receive “Cannot get mail, the mail server is not responding error” message.
AOL may not respond to the servers due to the following reasons,Wrong email ID or password.
Internet connectivity or settings issues may cause this error.
Technical issues in the servers.
Overloading of the web browser.
You can follow these steps to resolve this technical glitch while working on AOL through your iPhone or other devices.
Firstly, make sure you enter the correct password and email ID.
One reason AOL may not respond to the servers is due to the heavy load of incoming and outgoing emails.
You need to restore your AOL account settings to eliminate this issue.
You can uninstall and install your account for settings to recover as default.
Follow these steps to redo the settings and resolve this issue.
Go to the Settings menu on your mobile phone device.
Now click the Accounts and Password option from the settings menu.
From the list of email accounts, click on the one that is not responding to email ID.
Now click on the email ID and delete it using the red button.
Next, return to the main menu after deleting the account.
Wait for a while and let the new setting to synchronize.
Now go to settings option again and open the Action and Password section.
Next, click on the Add Account option from the Action and Password section.
Select the AOL account option from the list of email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.
Select the AOL account, log in with your email ID and password.
Enter the required details and complete this procedure.
AOL Login Help Despite following all troubleshooting guidelines for AOL accounts, there are chances that most of the queries of the users like ‘how to recover AOL password’ or others will be resolved through any possible solutions mentioned in this guide.
If this problem or any other issues related to login, password recovery, and email receiving persist then, you always possess the choice to contact AOL customer services for assistance from the site
Request Instant Help     1 Comment.
JOYCE PRICE     July 8, 2015 at 4:53 am   How can I get rid of compuserve for my emails that I recieve.
I have been an aol customer for years.
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