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Betway Registration (80%) 7 votes

Betway Registration.

Are you willing to open an account with Betway

Let’s start by congratulating you for the wise choice.
Betway is a user-friendly platform and you will be very happy for having taken such a decision.
Once you have been given out the account details, go ahead and deposit a sum of money.

Remember the minimum amount is Sh10
Next go to M-pesa on your mobile phone

Select Pay Bill option, Enter the pay bill number 880185, then your username number.
Now you are just left to choose the sum of money you want to deposit, .

Enter your M-Pesa pin number and Send

Next message you will get is a confirmation from M-pesa that your account has been succesfully charged with the amount of your deposit.
Betway Registration  (80%) 7  votes.
100 $ bonus.
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