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Our Role: Aceik was commissioned to architect

Menu                                                                                                                                                                             Goodlife Health Clubs.
The aim of this project was to refresh their online presence and build a new site on the Sitecore experience platform.
Website: Engagement Brief: To build a fresh new Sitecore site for Goodlife Health Clubs.
Our Role: Aceik was commissioned to architect, lead, and develop the technical build of the new Goodlife gyms website.
Key points: Greenfield, distributed collaborative delivery team working in a structured agile methodology with latest development guidelines and delivery practices.
Site features: articles, clubs / club selection, facilities, news, tagging, categorising, personal trainers, class time tables, complex navigation, CRM integration, custom WFFM implementation, post code integration and autocomplete, Google maps integration.
on  on  on  on  on                                                                                                                                                                                Follow                                                                                    E: [email protected]    E: [email protected]    E: [email protected]


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