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5 Ways To Save Fuel By Driving More Efficiently

A recent study showed that the average motorist will spend over £50,000 on fuel over their lifetime.
But fortunately, this helpful infographic shows how you can minimize the spend.
With five simple and effective tips, you can change the way you drive so that your fuel consumption is more efficient.
This means that you will use less fuel over time — and saving fuel means saving money.
Tips such as smoother driving, reducing wind resistance on your vehicle, staying below a certain speed, choosing a higher gear while driving, and ensuring that the weight of your vehicle is as light as it can be are all presented.
The tips are in concise, bite-sized chunks of information that is easy for anyone to read and put into practice.
The infographic also uses the most recent studies and statistics, providing links to sources and further reading so you can be confident it is reliable.
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