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At Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

Looking for an adventure unlike any other.
At Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, you can experience a once-in-a-lifetime thrill as you glide down over 3,000 feet of zip line with only a full moon to light your path.
Thrill-seekers have been coming from all across the US to try out this nighttime adventure.

Empower’s Moonlight Zip Tour is only open on select weekend nights from October – March

so make sure to mark your calendars.
In today’s blog, Empower Adventures Tampa Bay dives into everything you should know about this fantastic tour.  What Is a Moonlight Zip Tour.

The Moonlight Zip Tour is something even the biggest adrenaline junkies get a thrill from

Each year, Empower Adventures schedules our zip line adventures on the nights of a full Tampa Bay moon.
The glow of the moon is enough to light the way as you move across the platforms, fly down the zip lines, and walk along the 200 feet tall suspension bridge.

You can see the Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve below in a whole new way

as the moonlight brings out new wildlife.

Curious about what the Moonlight Zip Tour looks like

Check out this highlight video.

What to Expect The Moonlight Zip Line Adventure is an adventure of a lifetime

and what you might expect might not be what you get.
On this guided tour through the tropical trees of the Mobbly Bayou, you will experience things that a daytime zip line adventure can’t offer.
As soon as your eyes adjust to the darkness and the daytime sounds around you are quiet, .

You will begin to hear the wildlife of Tampa Bay

Each zipper will receive a glow stick when they arrive so you can see your travel companions fly across the sky.

The Moonlight Zip Tour is a two-hour tour with five zip lines

a suspension bridge, and other obstacles that make it an extremely memorable.  How to Celebrate This zip line tour is the perfect outing for any occasion.
Whether you are celebrating a birthday, improving team-building with a corporate event, or even having a fun night with a bachelor/ bachelorette party, Empower Adventures can help.

Because these Moonlight Zip Tours are only offered a handful of nights a season

the available spots fill up fast.

Sign Up for Your Moonlight Zip Tour Today
Empower Adventures Tampa Bay has one of the best zip line experiences in all of Florida

offering countless thrills and activities.
Our five-star rated adventures have tourists experiencing Tampa in a new way unlike any other.
Sign up today for our Moonlight Zip Line Adventure and join in the fun with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
For more information about our tours and adventures, .

Contact Empower Adventures Tampa Bay today
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