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Blocking Self-Service Purchases

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Blocking  Self-Service  Purchases.
November 19.

2019                                     On October 23rd

Microsoft announced – a little out of the blue – they were going to introduce self-service purchase options for users on November 19th.
The details of this change were put forward in a post in the message center, article MC193609 to be exact.
In short, this option would introduce the following changes for commercial tenants:    Allow end users to purchase Power Platform related  subscription s using their own payment method, e.g.
Power Apps, Automate (formerly Flow) or PowerBI Pro.
These  subscription s could be made in their employee’s tenant, with the exception of government, non-profit and education.

It would not end with Power Platform subscriptions

To make purchases, .

End users would be able to open a restricted view of the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

While a handful individuals cheered ‘Power to the end user’, the vast majority of organizations were very unhappy with this  development  to say the least.
This adoption booster would not only be opposing Microsoft’s own ‘Cloud on your terms’ and ‘Your tenant, your data’ principles they have been telling customers for years, it could also severely impact enterprise security and governance policies (or absence thereof), let alone lead to  discussions  when people expense their PowerBI Pro purchase.
And I’m not even talking about the absence of  admin  controls.
So, swiftly after the massive backlash on social media.

UserVoice as well as other channels

the announcement was altered, and a FAQ was published, which you can read here.
The change itself was postponed until January 14th, 2020, and  organization s would be handed controls to turn self-service purchases off before roll out.
Rather quietly, .

Details on how to disable self-service purchase have been added to the FAQ

To read on how to accomplish this, .

Continue reading my original blog post over at ENow by clicking here
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