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Analysis of half-a-billion emails reveals malware-less email attacks are on the rise

FireEye analyzed over half-a-billion emails from 1H 2018, and found that 32% of email traffic seen in the first half of 2018 was considered ‘clean’ and actually delivered to an inbox.
Their report also found that 1 in every 101 emails had malicious intent.
When compared to the previous six-month period, the changes in both these numbers depict that the email landscape continues to see an increase in email-based threats.

“From malware to malware-less attacks including impersonation attacks like CEO fraud

a single malicious email can cause significant brand damage and financial losses.
By choosing an email security solution with features based on real-time knowledge gained from the frontlines, and by teaching users to always ensure they are communicating with who they think they are, organizations can better defend against attacks,” said Ken Bagnall, VP of email security at FireEye.
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