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We asked Sam if they experienced any hiccups along the way

Last week, a group of 5 rad trail runners decided to run the Teton Crest Trail the day after completion of the Jackson Hole Rendezvous Hill Climb.
The Hill Climb is no easy feat, with runners sprinting to the top of Rendezvous Bowl, an elevation gain of 4,100 feet over 6 miles.
To see photos of our other ambassador contestants, please head over to the direct link here.     The crew was excited after completing the event, and quickly decided to start planning the epic journey ahead.
While this is a popular backpacking route, runners can take on the day-long journey if they desire.

The Teton Crest Trail is about a 40mile journey at an average elevation of 8,000ft

To learn more about the Teton Crest Trail you can visit our blog post ‘A Must-Do Hike: The Teton Crest Trail’.
We caught up with ambassador Sam Diaz to see what a day on the trail was like.     The Morning/Day Before:     “What was your planning like going into the trail day?”    “After a brief rest(post hill climb) and an ice in the river, lots of pizza and a La Croix or two….
the Crest Crew met up to formulate a plan over more pizza, and a beer.
There were 5 of us total: Alli, Steph and Dani all drove up from Bend, OR for the grand adventure as well as our nomadic pal Andy.
It was decided the goal start time would be 5AM from Phillips Trail Head!”        Morning of the departure… A brisk 45 degree morning at the top of Teton Pass and a clear, beautiful summer day ahead.     5AM:     “What was the breakfast of choice and fuel for the day?”    “Pre-trail breakfast burritos were made for the drive to the trail head, I was happy to have something hearty in my stomach to start the long day fueled up and ready to go.
We packed a wide variety of salty and sweet treats.
Many Stroop waffles, Shot Blocks(watermelon was surprisingly tasty), and Gu’s for quick energy boosts.
Then there were the unconventional snacks…I was very happy to have a few slices of pizza from the day before as well as some potato chips and gummy worms!”    “What gear did you hit the trail with?”    “We all rocked our Nathan packs, 2 of us with the 4L and 2 with the 12L.
I was so happy with the 4L, it fit everything I needed.
I was able to pack my Houdini, headlamp, bear spray, 3 slices of pizza, 1 PBJ, potato chips, a couple cookies and some gummy worms, 3 Stroop waffles, 2 Shot Blocks, 3 Gu’s.

And 2 soft flask water bottles…one of which was the Katadyn BeFree .6L filter soft flask

which was so efficient and easy to use that everyone else ditched their filters to use mine.
Never going anywhere without it again!”        Mid-Day:     As with most adventures in the mountains, they do not go without their challenges, roadblocks, or times of trial.
We asked Sam if they experienced any hiccups along the way, how they combatted those situations, and how they re-fueled on water.
Sam is here to provide the trail beta.     “Any roadblocks along the way?”    “We ran into some afternoon storms, so we were unable to make it up the final climb over Paintbrush Divide.
I would say the most challenging part of the day was the last 11 miles…which was all downhill.
By that point we were all pretty tired and the relentless downhill running really takes a toll on the body.
It’s so nice having a group to suffer with, it makes those hard times in the middle so much more enjoyable and the time flies by with a good crew.”    “Enough water stops along the way?”    “There were plenty of water stops along the way, which was nice.
We really didn’t need to carry too much water at once with the filter soft flask!”     “Trail Beta?”    “I was expecting there to be snow in some spots but everything was completely clear‍.
Word on the street is that paintbrush still has some remaining patches, but I would imagine at this point snow travel wouldn’t be too strenuous.”        End of Day:     As most of us have experienced, the end of the trail is filled with excitement to be back, post-trail cravings, and gear assessment.

Sam fills us in on how she capped off her day of adventure

and how she felt the gear held up throughout the day!       “The trail took us about 12 hours from start to finish.
We got back to the car at String Lake, and immediately cracked open a Coke and some more salty chips.
It’s wild how your body craves those simple sugars when you’re going for that long.
After some immediate snacking, and a quick dip in the lake, we made our way back to town for a full feast at Road House Pub and Eatery.
Burgers, duck poutine and an adult beverage or two to replenish the soul.
Our Gear was amazing.

The Nathan pack was new to me and it didn’t chafe or rub at any point

It packed more than I needed, and held it snuggly all in place.
We all had Hoka shoes on our feet, which held up nicely.
Always appreciate a little extra cushion for those long miles.

The Katadyn BeFree filter was by far the best piece of gear I’ve gotten in a long time

so easy to use and hassle free.
Just fill up your bottle at any stream and you’re good-to-go.

The Nathan headlamp was a nice thing to have in the morning too

very lightweight and provided all the light needed to keep from tripping over roots in the dark!”    Wrap Up:    While I may not be finishing the Teton Crest Trail in just 12 hours, I can definitely relate to Sam’s snacks of Pizza, Gummy Worms, and some chips for trail snacks.
Hoka Shoes, Nathan Packs, .

And Katadyn BeFree filters are all available for your purchase at Skinny Skis

Thanks to Sam and crew for the good story from the Crest Trail.

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