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The Contact Epic is back on for April 18 !!!!!!!!!!  Well

The Contact Epic is back on for April 18 !!!!!!!!!!  Well, in a slightly different fashion.
Read on…..
To enter the Contact Epic 2020 all you have to do is post on FB a short video clip of you doing a Epic ride, however you want to interprate that.
There are just three rules:  You must not breach your bubble.
You cannot go further than the street you live on.
Any distance or duration is acceptable.
Maybe one more rule, you should really be on a bike of some sort??.
You will be disqualified if your ride requires the need for any emergency service to render assistance.
ie please don’t break a leg.
Share a facebook clip of your 2020 Contact Epic ride on our FB page here.  We will judge the winners and send you one of the awesome prizes below.
Enteries close at 5.30 pm, 18 April, in time for prize giving.
We hope you have some fun with this and look forward to sharing the Hunter Valley and Dingle Burn Station with you all again next year.
Kia Kaha  Aaron and Danielle              Lazer Helmets who support the race will be giving away two brand new Mips helmets.
Choice Bro…..Here is the red MTB Impala Mips helmet that offers extended shell coverage for better protection and a large adjustable visor to protect you from the sun, low hanging branches etc.
For MTB and roadies this orange high vis Mips Century helment offer an interchangable areo or max venting option and tricky, recharagable LED light built into the rear of the helmet for maximum safety.             The post Contact Epic is on again for 18 April 2020…… appeared first on Contact Epic Lake Hawea Epic Wanaka.


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